E-cigarettes (Electronic Cigarettes)

Date 7 jun. 2016
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The Danish Parliament has passed a new act on e-cigarettes.

The Act comes into force on 7 June 2016.

The Act involves a provision that employers must prepare a written policy for the use of e-cigarettes. The policy is to apply to the work place as well as any other places accessible by the public.


The policy must at minimum contain information on (i) whether, and if so (ii) where the use of e-cigarettes is allowed.


It is not necessary to have the information as a separate policy; it may simply be incorporated into the company’s current smoking policy, e.g. by adding that the same rules apply to e-cigarettes.


In addition to being available to the employees, the policy must also be available to visitors.


It has not been definitively settled whether the policy on e-cigarettes can/must be made available to the public. If so, this will probably be in the form of a display of signs or on the company’s webpage.


Lack of compliance with the above is punishable by a fine.



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