Danish Business Weekly Økonomisk Ugebrev highlights Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Date 28 okt. 2013


In its annual special report on law firms, prestigious Danish Business Weekly Økonomisk Ugebrev (The Financial Weekly) singles out Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen for being the Danish law firm with the most significant increase in turnover in 2012. Further, the law firm ranks in the top 4 of the highest percentage increase in the number of transactions on which the firm advises.


Økonomisk Ugebrev points out the tendency that specialized law firms such as Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen have taken a large and increasing share of the M&A market.


Økonomisk Ugebrev’s special report also reveals that Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen is the firm that has taken the biggest strides in the rankings of the leading international ranking agencies.


To read the entire special report on law firms, go to www.ugebrev.dk.